Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Handmade Halloween Featuring "Mr. Powerful Man!"

The boy wanted to be Optimus Prime from the Transformers AGAIN this year... But, unfortunately, with his new bigger glasses, the mask didn't fit! booo...So, the night before trick-or-treating we decided to make a new mask to accomodate his glasses! I cut up a shipping box (go recycling!), and traced the shape of the old mask onto the cardboard. I cut it out, with much larger holes for the eyes and mouth, and drew the basic shapes with a marker (so it would at least Kind Of resemble O.P.)! I attached a couple pieces of craft foam on the back of the mask, so it would be more comfortable to wear and added an elastic around the back. My son had a super fun time looking at the old mask and deciding where the colors should go on the new mask. He colored them in, and then we put glue and glitter.

(What fun is it really without glitter!?!)

He decided as we were finishing up that he was no longer going to be a Transformer, but "Mr. Powerful Man!" (He made that up, in case you were wondering... Oh.. and he's "electrical"!!!)

Here are a few pumpkins carved amazingly by my sister and friends:

This picture shows (although poorly) a bazillion strings of lights going across some people's whole front yard. It created an awesome effect, and I wish my camera had been able to capture it better! Totally cool for Halloween night... Orange and purple glowing EVERYWHERE! :)

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Sue H @ Astrachic Studio said...

Tell Mr Powerful Man the glitter was a great idea! What fun. In Australia we dont really do the Hollaween thing. But I have loved hearing everyones blogs on the subject. Great reason to dress up, old and young alike! The pumpkin carving has never been as interesting before I saw your brilliant photos. Thanks for the fun, Sue