Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, I'm back! I'm back! :)

Hi friends! I'm so happy to be back after a couple of crazy months!! Unfortunately, it was not fun and games that kept me away, but a family emergency that left no room in my brain to think about anything else. Things are coming back down to their acceptable chaotic speed, and I really can't wait to start creating again. I think that pent-up creative energy is ready to come out, and hopefully it will manifest iteself into something cute and colorful haha :)

So what is coming up? Valentine's Day! I love making valentines! Did you know the first official valentine in the United States was made in my hometown of Worcester, MA?? It's true! Thank you Esther Howland! GO WORCESTER! ;)

I remember learning about Esther and her valentines in elementary school. My class made victorian style valentines using paper doilies, lace, and ribbon... I brought in a sample of my parent's wallpaper which had victorian style drawings on it for kids to cut apart and use. Obviously I loved this project!

I know that I always thought the boxes of cheap storebought valentine's were cool too, but now that I have a son in school I'm wondering if he should make his or if I should let him choose what he wants from the store? Decisions, decisions! Will you be making your own valentines this year? How about your kids?

This was last year's glittery heart project... He only made one and it was for me! Awww so cute ;)