Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Inspirations...

I'm not really big on the outdoors, but this week I've been doing yardwork, gardening even (!!) and getting inspired by the colors I see popping out around me... I've also been working on a bunch of custom orders. I love when someone gets me thinking of something new!

Here the customer requested a "boy version" of my cupcake head girl... I really like the way it came out! :)

Here a customer requested some custom paintings (4x6's and 5x7) based on this card. We ended up conversing back and forth via e-mail... She sent me photos of family members, and I sent her sketches. It is always a challenge to work with someone on a piece of art when they are not in front of you! :)

Here are the paintings ready to be packaged for mailing.

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Come in... We're Open!"

I reopened my shop today after a brief shutdown, while I recover from an illness. I'm getting better much more quickly than I thought I would! (yay!) I have a few new designs... but the photos aren't so great... I think next week I'll retake what I can. Hope you enjoy them! :)