Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Our Fall Crafty On....

We got inspired recently to start some fall crafts... I cut out a big acorn shape, then we tore apart an egg carton. I added some brown paint to craft glue. The boy had fun dipping the egg carton pieces into the mixture, and adding them to the acorn cut-out to make the bumpy "cap" of the acorn. It was super messy, and he loved it! We added glitter at the bottom of the acorn.... just because we like glitter.

Next, we made suncatchers by tearing/cutting up fall-colored tissue paper, and sticking it onto clear laminating film. Then, of course, we added glitter, and covered the top with another piece of laminating film. I cut them up into leaf shapes. They look SO pretty in the windows! They are bright and colorful... I wish we had some to put in every room :)

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