Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shine On...

I started playing around with some new holiday designs, and I sketched out these:

They struck me as pretty cute, so I started painting em up! I don't always have colors picked out before I start painting, as I didn't this time... I just kind of sit down and start painting whatever seems right when I put my brush to the paints. These turned out to be pretty pastel, and cutesy. The ornaments reminded me of some old ones that my mom has, which I love. Pastel pinks, mints, and blues... and always with white glitter!

"Too bad I don't have any glitter," I thought... and no, I couldn't just go buy some cause I'm cheap and if I did have some I wouldn't want to use it because its too beautiful, and too expensive!! (Thanks to my mother for that trait!) ;)
I searched through my piles of craft stuff and found some glitter mod podge! "Hooray!" Unfortunately, I hadn't used it in so long it was a chunk of glop. "Boo!" :( I tried it anyway, and it certainly was not turning out the way I had imagined. "Maybe I have another container of it," I hoped.... Back to the pile I went and FOUND THIS:

Cue the angelic singers and the beams of light:

I was shocked! I have no idea where this came from. Did I make some splurge of a purchase when I worked at Michael's? How many years ago was that?? (Told ya if I had it I'd never use it!) I clutched it in my hand like it was made of real diamond dust. It was exactly what I wanted, and still I was afraid to open it and especially afraid to use it on a project that is really just an overblown sketch. What if I waste it!!! It took all of my willpower to just open the vial, but once I started sprinkling it on, I felt free hahaha

To look at me, you probably wouldn't even know I love the sparkle. I don't wear much jewelry and I dress mostly in black, but from somewhere in me comes all these cute little drawings, pink paint, and love of all things patent and shiny! Now the trouble is... I want more. I'm not totally freed from my fear of wasting glitter, but damnit... I'm hooked.

Have a sparkly day! :D


Reynolds11103 said...

Those are awesome!!! I know what you mean about the glitter, but it Makes those!!!

Amy said...

Oh My goodness I love the glitter on the little girl. It is like fresh fallen crisp snow flurries. It is perfectly wonderful. Oh and I know what you mean about holding on to certain craft supplies forever, as I am the same way. I try to get over it but it is hard!!
Thanks for the visit at my blog!! :)

Meghan said...

perfect touch! i'm exactly the same way about using things, and i'm having to retrain myself. it's only a waste of money if it sits around unused!!