Friday, October 30, 2009

Feelin' Halloweeny!

Lots of things have been happening around here this week! Some good, some not so good... but the best part of the week has been getting ready for Halloween! I thought I would share some of the highlights with you! :) Enjoy!

My son had a blast at the local farmstand picking out pumpkins! He was really trying to get the big ones and pick them up himself... That didn't work too great, so he insisted on pulling them all in the wagon instead. Strong! :) We have yet to carve the pumpkins due to a slight family emergency but things are getting back to normal now, and I wanna eat some toasted pupkin seeds!!

My son was inspecting the decorative gourds.. Trying to figure out just what those things were, actually! They looked so colorful and shiny in that bin! I'll admit, I prompted him to check out the gourds so I could take a photo ;) haha!

My mantel looking spooky :)

My son had his first school Halloween party this week. I made some delicious and super easy treats! I made ghost pops, which are just melted white chocolate chips (which I did in the microwave), about a teaspoon of vegetable oil... Mix it up and spoon out a tablespoon or so onto some waxed paper. I formed it into a "ghost shape" with the spoon, put in two mini chocolate chips for eyes, and a lollipop stick. I added a little extra white chocolate to cover up the stick.. and its done! Let it harden on the waxed paper. I didn't even refrigerate them... just left them set on the counter.
I took this idea from Martha Stewart! Ha! Sometimes her site has the best ideas ;) CHECK IT OUT HERE AND MAKE YOUR OWN!!! :) (super super fast and looks amazing!)

I also finally bought a mini cupcake pan to make treats for the school party... It is awesome, and the little paper cupcake cups are just adorable!! I made these tiny cupcakes, and decorated them with two different types of jimmies, and a candy corn! CUTE!!! (bite sized and yummy!)

My son couldn't decide what to wear to his party at school... We found his pirate costume from last year and he had fun running around in it! I got the hat and mask at Michael's last Halloween. They are just made from flexible foam... I bought them premade, but I'm sure its super easy to make them yourself!

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