Saturday, October 3, 2009

Declutter, Recycle, and Inspire!

For the past few weeks I've really been trying to declutter my life, on all levels, and something I've been finding everywhere in my house are magazines... magazines... magazines!! Piles of them... Some from 2007! Really?? What was I thinking!? What's sad is that a few months ago I went through and put a bunch in the recycling, but I'm still finding them all over the place. I know I kept them because I liked one image, one article, any one thing about them and I couldn't let them go, in case I wanted to refer to those pages later.... haha! Yeah right ;)

SO...I've decided to make an inspiration journal with them. I took about 30 or so of the random mags... Went through page by page (who has this kind of time really...) and pulled out the images that struck a chord with me. Color combinations, images, articles... anything that sparked my interest. I cut them all up and I'm going to put them back together into ONE book that I can open up and will bring me into a world of color and imagery that will hopefully spark my imagination! (And take up less room around here!) :)
Here's a sampling of some of the pages that I'm keeping:

Better Homes and Gardens has a concept that I just love! Every month they focus on a different color set, and dedicate a few pages to just those colors...

I'm going to add this to the many other half-finished projects I have going on around here! Custom orders, regular orders, oil painting, paper mache, craft fairs... Put it on the list!! I'll let you know how this turns out ;)

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