Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some photos from stART on the Street - Worcester, MA - 2009

The weather was absolutely fantastic! It was actually kind of hot out, and the street was packed with people from the time the fair opened till much later than it was supposed to be over! The tents went pretty much as far as you could see in both directions down the middle of the street. I was only able to take a quick look at a few booths, but everything I saw was amazing!! I wish I had more time to shop!!!

My dad, Ed, of Ed's Old House Three Deckers.... The number one question asked, probably about a hundred times throughout the day: "What are those made of?" The answer, folks... scrap wood, or "recycled wood" as my dad likes to say... (but you wouldn't know it, would ya!?) ;)

Some Worcester police men were totally enthralled with my dad's work... You can see some of my stuff over on the right. About four different people popped into my booth to take photos of that pink onesie with the pink cupcake on it (hanging on the right)... It made me laugh everytime. Someone finally bought it ;)

Hey, it's me! (and my new haircut haha!!) I threw on some random t-shirt the morning of the fair, while I was in a huge rush to get out the door. Turned out it was HUGE and didn't fit me at all! Luckily, an awesome stART volunteer was walking around before it started selling these tees... I tracked her down, bought one, and put it on!!! She saved my day!! :) (The shirt rocks, by the way... I LOVE IT!)

Finally, our booth. Dad was amazing enough to get a new tent for us (after the last tent fiasco where it completely broke into pieces the morning of the last fair...). The new one was brown, but the white top from my old one fit perfectly... Sweet! It looked great and was a breeze to set up! (and take down)

I had a great time spending the day with my dad, seeing family and friends, and meeting all the people that came in! Can't wait for the next one! Visit stART on the STREET's website for more information on upcoming events! See you then :)

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