Friday, September 25, 2009

Side Project - Lamps!

I have coveted some beautiful red lamps that my mother-in-law has for a while now. They look like this:

While my lamps looked like this: (UGLY yard sale finds, and one of them was missing a shade!)

So with a little primer:

And some red spraypaint:

Add some new rounded shades, and yippeee! Matching lamps that are similar to the original but super cheap to create! The flowers are SOO GONE... HOORAY for "new" lamps! :)


Meghan said...

ooh, i really like those! isn't it great to get a redo project done? i always feel such accomplishment.

k.rowe said...

Yes! And this one really took no time at all! I love instant gratification projects haha I think that's why I like watercolors so much ;)

Amy said...

I love the red!!! Super job!!
I have done some polka dotty lamps for my daughter's room (the lamp was already white) and put some store bought beaded fringe on the edge of a white garage sale shade (bought for a quarter!).
It's fun to give unloved lamps new life, huh?!