Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Studio Stuff

I was thinking the other day that it is so sad my son doesn't have a place to do art projects! He LOVES to paint when I'm painting, and I have been so beyond disorganized, it wasn't possible!! S - A - D!!! So, for the past two days I have been literally sweating it out.... throwing things away, unpacking boxes, moving furniture... Its starting to come out awesome and I am SO EXCITED!!! (My son is too!!! He keeps coming over to check on my progress, and looking in his new craft cabinet to make sure its all good. HA! He's so cute...)

Anyway, there will be no "before" photo because its so embarassing! But, trust me... It was baaaad.... *CRINGE*

Newly organized paints!! These have been in drawers for years and years... Don't they look so much more inviting when you can see them??? It makes me want to paint! I LOVE the COLORS!! My father built this cubby for me a long time ago out of scrap wood. Its heavy and I never really knew what to put in it... but, this works!! :)

Storage boxes from a large chain store that starts with a "W"... haha... only $6.00 for a set of four (perfect size for my cards!!) They are sturdy and they look expensive! They make me really happy ;) Sure beats that old shoe box I had all the cards in before! Woo!

More to come! Can't wait :)

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