Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Houses and Spring Cleaning...

So, can it still be called "spring cleaning" when summer's almost over and fall is nearly here? The mess that is my desk and studio work area has finally beaten me haha How many times can I search for my eraser?? Here... Let's see if you can find it:

Seriously... out of control! This is what happens when I'm in a hurry and start flying through projects. I don't take that extra two minutes to clean up or put things where they belong (if they even have a place to go!)...

Stay tuned for the big clean-up... I'm hoping a trip to IKEA on Friday will help with some of these storage issues, but I usually get distracted by all the fun stuff while I'm there and never get down to business... We'll see! I guess now that I've located my eraser in this photo, I can just use it for reference for a while.... ;)

On an up note, I'm working on some custom orders for an awesome customer. I just did a "sketched out version" of her house, and now I'm working on the hotel where she was married... Tricky, tricky! Here's the house... She liked it! Yay :)

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