Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barnes and Noble, Michael's, and Jack Black

I went to Barnes and Noble a couple days ago... toting along my 3 1/2 year old son. I took a chance and had him sit quietly while I actually browsed the racks for magazines for me! (Don't worry, we spent plenty of time in the good 'ole kids section like we normally do!) Anyway, I found some absolutely fantastic art mags and I ended up putting one back at the last minute... I spent the rest of the night wishing I had bought it, and so I made a trip back the next day. Oddly enough, the August issue of JUXTAPOZ was GONE and replaced with the new September issue!!!! Nooooooooo!!
Luckily, I can order back issues online... and so can you!!! CHECK IT OUT!! *phew* ;)

Click here to get this awesome issue.. You are missing out!!

I've also been hit with the painting bug, and that hasn't happened in years..... I realize I paint with watercolors almost every day, but I'm talking about oils on canvas. And not just any canvas... THE BIGGEST CANVAS EVER! (It almost didn't fit in my car haha) So, apparently Michael's was having a sale on their stretched canvases... 50% off! After dragging my son around the craft store now, I get to the register only to find out the one I chose was not one that was on sale!! *figures!* But, it worked out in the end... I ended up getting the better-quality canvas for the same price as the lesser-quality due to the sale... sweet! I've certainly never spent money on one of these giant canvases before... Not even when I used to work there!! ;)

Here it is:

I usually don't like anyone to see my work until its finished, but I'll try and post some pictures as I go.

On a random note, I was taking a photo of the canvas and saw that Jack Black was making a guest appearance on my favorite kids show: Yo Gabba, Gabba! He's dressed up like DJ Lance... Its a little bit awesome... I'm just sayin'! Enjoy! :)

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