Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pins, Magnets, and Framable Art?

So, a customer brought to my attention something I've been thinking about for a while. Would it be worth it to make some pins, magnets, or framable artwork of my little paintings? I made some laminated pins for myself last winter and I loved them. I wore them on my jacket all winter long, and they are still here and in pretty good shape!

Would anyone be interested in these besides myself?

I've had many people interested in purchasing my artwork for framing. I am not a professional matt-cutter or framer. I don't know anything about shipping artwork, other than making sure it doesn't bend and putting it in a clear protective sleeve. I've been leaving matting and framing up to the customer.
I was thinking that if I do any shows this year, I'll bring some artwork for sale with me. Some in frames, some not, and see what happens. I guess I won't know unless I try!

I'll add them to the list of things I'd love to have time to work on... ;)

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