Thursday, May 8, 2008

Custom Cupcakes... and BEES!

I just completed these custom cupcake paintings for a customer. They are based on two of my cards: "cupcake head girl" and "happy cake day". We worked out the colors and designs... She gave me the colors "coral" and "celery" ... I think they came out cute! :D

Here are some custom shower invitations I made up tonight. Something new for me... I painted out the bees, and scanned them into the computer. I made the design on the computer and printed them out. I think it worked out well, in terms of cost cutting and time saving!! I couldn't imagine writing out those cards as nice as the computer can, anyway LOL ;)

The only direction I was given here was "bees." (First of all... If you know me, you know how ironic this is... Bees are a NIGHTMARE for me!!! My first thought was, "How do you draw a cute bee!??!" This is what I came up with:

I found out after I made the design that this is the bedding the mom-to-be chose:

Can you believe I came up with the same type of bee and the same colors, without seeing it! Go me! haha ;)

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