Saturday, September 10, 2011


I've been hearing on the news lately that the post office is in real danger of being phased out. People are using social media, and email to communicate while the written word is becoming extinct. I suppose I can't stress enough the importance of passing on writing skills to our kids. I just had my son choose his own birthday invitations, then write addresses of his friends on all the envelopes. We went to the post office, where he chose fun (Pixar themed) stamps. We mailed them out. It was quite a bit of work for a five year old, but in the end, he was so proud and excited to think his mail would soon be in his friends' mailbox! What do you think? Are you okay with emails replacing paper letters or cards? I'm guilty of this... I'm worse, because I'd rather text chat than write an email! I think it's time to get serious now, because not only are jobs at risk, but the entire US mail system. Do you think fifty years from now, your great-great grandkids are going to be searching through an old box, and be amazed and excited when they find.... the hard drive to your computer? I'd rather find photos and letters. It's like, when I go to an art museum... I get very close to the paintings so I can see where the artist made his/her marks. Same thing with letters... Find an old letter... Look at the script. Someone's hand wrote that, held that piece of paper... So what's next? Get a piece of paper and write a letter to a friend. Don't think they'll write back? Pop a pre-stamped/addressed envelope in with your letter, so they have no excuse. Go to your local craft fair and buy some pretty notecards. Go to and buy some! I promise a card in the mailbox is worth a thousand emails.

xoxo Kelly

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