Friday, July 8, 2011

Christmas in July

As much as I love painting and drawing, my new fun escape is playing around with stamps! Some, close to me, consider stamped cards to be "cheating," since they want me to hand draw everything I do. That's okay, stamping is just addicting and mindless fun for me. I love the beautiful paper, and the layering of pretty inks. It's a fun craft for me... You should try it too! It's a great stress reliever and you get nice cards out of it. ;) Today, my niece joined me in a Christmas in July stamping extravaganza!

We have a grand scheme to hand make all our cards this summer, to keep us out of the sun (damn Irish skin), and one step ahead of our Xmas rush. I am waaay to involved with my cards - layering ink and cut paper, layering stamps.

My niece likes to use ribbons, and simple cut shapes. In the time it took me to make three cards, she made fourteen! HA!

Hers are super cute. We just have different styles, and that's the fun of it... You can get as involved as you want!

Happy crafting!

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