Monday, December 27, 2010

Kids Cookie Decorating Extravaganza

I can't take the credit for this one, but it sure was a good idea and lots of fun! We were invited to a holiday cookie decorating party at a friend's house. She had premade the dough and baked up lots of gingerbread cut outs while we were there.

 The guests were to bring decorating supplies. I went through the cabinet and pulled out an assortment of random goodies. I didn't have anything that was in traditional Christmas colors... As a result, the cookies came out really colorful and fun! Other guests brought red/green/white, so it was quite a mix!

The kids ate the cookies as they finished decorating them...
There were a few kids (ages 4-6), and it probably got as messy as you can imagine it would! We let the kids go crazy, and they made some funky-delicious treats!

Don't be afraid to make a mess! You can clean it up later :)
The ones that didn't get eaten were packed up as gifts from the kids for their parents and grandparents. This was an awesome tradition to start, and would be fun as a family event too! I hope we do it again next year :)

Non-traditional holiday colors are just as fun!

Don't think the adults didn't get in on the cookie decorating action! ;)


Sue H @ Astrachic Studio said...

Thank-you for sharing that SWEET
post about the cookie decorating
party. I like the idea. Looks
like lots of fun. Keep enjoying
the Holiday festivities,
Love Sue

k.rowe said...

Thanks, Sue! Happy New Year!

I recommend cookie decorating parties all year round! This one was so much fun. :) This would be a great idea for a birthday party too. You could even have the kids help make the dough, or cut out the shapes with cookie cutters.

Hmm... Now I want a cookie.....