Sunday, December 6, 2009

Paper Snowflakes and Glittery Pinecones

I thought it might be fun to get a whole bunch of random art supplies and have my son craft some stuff with me. Glue, pom poms, pipe cleaners, tons of glitter, popsicle sticks... You name it! We ended up making a huge mess, and eventually he went off to play while I continued covering myself with white glue and glitter lol

It has been so many years since I made paper snowflakes, I didn't remember how to do it! (sad) This is reason #3482 that the internet is your friend... I found this great sight that teaches you how to make some cool snowflakes... Check it out!!

My son had a little trouble with the scissors, so I started making some and let him decorate them any way he wanted. Pom poms and glitter were the tools of choice ;) He had a blast doing this!
You may also notice that my snowflakes look in no way like the nice ones on the website... I didn't really get the hang of until later, when I started practicing after my son went to bed! haha!

We had also collected some pine cones from our yard (before we had all of this snow!), in the hopes of making some glittery pinecone ornaments to give as gifts. Although our yard has about fifty pine trees in it, they only seem to be the kind that produce tiny pinecones! Turns out, they look just as pretty as the big ones with ice flake, sparkling white, and lime green glitter on them! (They are still waiting to be turned into something giftable...)

What do you like to make with your kids? Any cute ideas for holiday gifts? Please share!
Stay Crafty!

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Amy. said...

Love your crafts!!! I think it is so fun to see what kids' imaginations come up with--they are so uninhibited!!
I have been cutting snowflakes for 17 years and I need to get some more listed on my Etsy. Last year I sold many batches or shovels full, as I like to call them!!
Thanks for your visit and comment at my blog! I am with you on the F.P. stuff. I can't dream of getting rid of my Fisher Price little people vintage buildings and accessories. My kids still like to play with them, even the teenagers. LOL!
I was going to drop you a line telling you I featured your card you made for me "Merry Happy Christmas", but then life (or laundry) took over my time!! I have displayed it in a frame at times but I like it in the plastic with the red bow tied on it too! I just love it no matter how I look at it!!!