Friday, November 6, 2009

Checking In...

Hi everyone... I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about ANY of you! Things have been totally crazy at my house, and its just starting to die down now (I wish I had some wood to knock on!!) My little son has been quite sick for a while, but he's much better as of today (Yippee!!) and I'm eager to get back to a normal schedule... (as normal as it gets around here haha!)

On this note, I've decided not to do anymore craft fairs this season, and I'll be attempting to sell my handpainted ornaments online! (I just got my shipment of boxes and bubble wrap in... giant rolls of bubble wrap are AWESOME! haha!) I love doing the fairs, but I really need to de-stress right now. In fact, as soon as I made the decision not to do the fairs, I felt like a weight had been lifted! Its really hard to say no sometimes, and think of your own well-being but it really feels good to just make time for yourself! I recommend it!!

SO... I'm going to be finishing my huge custom orders this weekend and taking photos of my ornaments and some other goodies to post online. That's the plan anyway... we'll see how it goes!

Hope you're all well...
Stay Crafty! ;)


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