Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice storm

well, I'm sending this from my iphone... (thank you iPhone!!!!!!) We had an ice storm start on last Thursday night. The power went out, and it might be another week before it comes back on! So many trees and powerlines went down in the whole state (of MA), NH too.. The crews are having a hard time clearing the debris to get the lines working again. We were able to get a generator from a friend, so now we have heat, hotwater, a fridge, and some lamps! We also have our woodstoves, which give heat and we've been using it to cook! We've heard it might be another 4-5 days before the power is back. I can't wait to post some photos! I can't do it from my iPhone... (boo) my online stores are also closed temporarily, as I can't use my computer, and we don't have lights in my workspace. We heard it's going to be snowy and icy again tonight or tomorrow.... Hope it doesn't slow down the efforts of the work crews! (thank you workers!!!!!! Can't wait till you get here!) :) So that's about it from here. The sun just went down... Too bad our holiday lights are dark in the windows! Take care all... ~Kelly


TracyJane said...

Hi Kelly
Hope you and your family are coping with the weather. I'm sure you're better at it than we are in the UK! Fingers crossed that you're back on the grid by Christmas Eve.
Tracy x

k.rowe said...

Thank you!! :)