Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year, New Ideas

Sometimes I feel like I'm out of ideas... and then it will hit me. I'll go on a "creating spree" and whip out five new cards all at once! I love when that happens :D
Look for Valentine, love themed, and Mother's Day all heading to MY SHOP within the next few days!

ALSO NEW: Take my poll! I am looking for your input!

I have been thinking recently about my website, and my online shop at ETSY. Etsy is a fantastic way for craft sellers to join the world of technology and share their items with the world. It is not without flaws, however, and one thing I would love to see is a way to be notified when my favorite sellers add new items to their shops. As it stands now, I just go to each of the shops and search through them constantly!

I am looking into the possiblities of opening a second shop within my own website, and also generating a mailing list for the purposes of notifying customers when I list new items, or if I am having a sale.

Anyway, take a second to answer my poll... and I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this ;)

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