Monday, September 24, 2007

My Boy is 2!!! :D

Happy Birthday!! :)

Well, its been an exciting and crazily, busy weekend! We saw friends and family, had cookouts, went to a parade, ate cupcakes, opened presents, played with balloons, AND I finished the bathroom floor just in time for the party! :) Still more work to do, and I'm exhausted!!

I've been re-thinking my shop the past few days.... My cards, how I make them, everything about it really. Its still very fun and exciting, but I wonder if I could do better? (Good question to ask one's self!) My goal for the coming year is to do some shows, which means I need more product, and to be more organized. I have also been considering having some cards printed... I love the look and feel of glossy printed cards, but I also love the handmade quality of the painted cards. I'm torn on this, and its on my mind alot.

We'll see what happens! For now, my little boy is sleeping, and I can't believe he's two years old! :)

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